Classroom Design

Information Technology and Services provides consultation, design, installation, and maintenance services for the University’s classrooms, meeting rooms, computer labs, and other learning environments. Details on these services are available by calling (315) 443-4001.

Policy on Information Technology Planning for New and Renovated Spaces.

Classrooms have a variety of installed, technology teaching equipment. Typical designs are listed below. Note: All new classroom technology is installed with ADA compliance in mind.

Level 3: Rooms with Special Features

Teaching Station in Newhouse III 141

Equipment includes:

  • Same as Level 2 with the addition of features such as:
    • Multiple touch screen controller (e.g. Crestron).
    • Multiple data/video projectors (or high end units).
    • Multiple computer platforms.
    • Videoconferencing capabilities.
    • Surround sound.
    • Special lighting.
  • Typical Level 3 classrooms: Hinds Hall 111,Newhouse III 141, Shemin Auditorium, Tolley 115, and most Whitman School of Management classrooms.


Level 2: Computer Equipped Rooms

Teaching Station in HBC Gifford Auditorium

Standard equipment includes:

  • Installed computer (Windows) supported by ITS, or in some instances an installed computer (Windows and/or Mac) supported by user department. (Click here for the ITS Software Support Statement)
  • Teaching station with equipment rack
    • controls and switchers
    • audio playback system
  • Data/Video projector: current SVGA (1024×768) resolution.
  • Document camera.
  • DVD/VHS combination player.
  • Data/AV input panel with: Ethernet port and auxiliary data, USB, audio and video inputs.
  • Where necessitated by room conditions (typically in rooms that seat more than 100) voice reinforcement systems (public address systems) may be installed.
  • Typical Level 2 Classrooms: Eggers 010 and 032 (Department Computer), Gifford Auditorium, Grant Auditorium, Hoople 106, Heroy Auditorium, Link 105, and Stolkin Auditorium


Level 1: Computer Capable Rooms

Instructional Technology in Physics 106

Equipment includes:

  • Similar to Level 2 but there is no installed computer.
  • Document camera may be present in some rooms.
  • Also projector-only rooms with data/video inputs (e.g. Link 110, Physics 115, and Warehouse 500).
  • Typical Level 1 Classrooms: Hall of Languages 421, Physics 106, and Watson 149.

Level U: Universal Rack Rooms

Equipment includes:

  • Universal Rack (U-Rack) design featuring modular and easily upgradable equipment racks.
  • Large LCD display on top of the rack.
  • Installed computer (Windows) supported by ITS, or in some instances an installed computer (Windows and/or Mac) supported by user department. (Click here for the ITS Software Support Statement)
  • DVD/VHS combination player
  • Data/AV input panel with: Ethernet port, VGA, HDMI, USB, and auxiliary audio and video inputs
  • Typical Level U Classrooms: Physics104N, and Link 101 and 103.

In Registrar classrooms which are heavily used by departments with special instructional technology needs, consideration will be given to the installation of equipment such as stand-alone audio CD and DVD players, 35 mm slide projector(s), etc. Projectors may be housed in projection cabinets at the rear of the room or stored in a teaching station with a suitable mounting shelf provided for occasional use. Departments are responsible for non-standard equipment purchases.

Registrar auditoria are equipped on a case-by-case basis, but generally have more extensive needs than classrooms. Example of additional system features for auditoria include voice reinforcement systems, multiple data projectors, multimedia touch screen control systems, videoconferencing systems, surround sound, special lighting, etc.