Falk College

Fall Campus McNaughton White Halls College Of Law Holden ObservatoryWhen students return to campus in January 2015 for spring semester classes, Falk College will have begun its phased relocation to the new Falk Complex at MacNaughton and White Halls (the former College of Law). The Falk Complex, which includes both MacNaughton and White Halls, is located on the western portion of the Syracuse University campus. As you walk behind Hendricks Chapel past the Holden Observatory toward the Carrier Dome, you will see MacNaughton and White Halls ahead. Falk College’s relocation will continue through Fall 2015.

List of Classrooms:

Falk 100 Falk 101
Falk 104 Falk 175
Falk 200 Falk 201
Falk 275 Grant Aud