Learning Environments and Disability Services

Learning Environments is leading the charge to make the university accessible to those with disabilities by serving as a clearinghouse for many services related to accessibility. Listed below are many of the ways we can make the university more inclusive. Also note that Syracuse University’s Disability Cultural Center (DCC) has created a guide for creating inclusive and accessible events and seminars. To access this guide follow this link: http://lemp.syr.edu/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/InclusiveEventsSeminarsGuide.pdf

Providing Accessible Event Accommodations — Learning Environments plays a key role in providing and coordinating Real-Time Captioning (C.A.R.T.) and Assisted Listening Devices to make events and classes accessible and inclusive. Brief descriptions and contact information can be found below regarding these services.

  • Real-Time Captioning
    • Working with local and national C.A.R.T., or Communication Access Real-time Translation, stenographers we provide equipment and services to provide a realtime text stream for single requesters or en masse. For information regarding or to request C.A.R.T. services please contact Steven LoBello by emailing stlobell@syr.edu or Andrew Wowelko by emailing aswowelk@syr.edu.
  • Assisted Listening Devices
    • Using FM transmitters and receivers we provide amplified audio feeds for those with hearing impairment. Large venues generally have built-in systems and for smaller venues we provide standalone transmitter/receiver packs. For information regarding or to request assisted listening devices please contact Don Kilts by emailing dlkilts@syr.edu.

Closed Captioning Services

  • Digitized Media — Automatic Sync is a service you can use to automatically create closed captioning (CC) files for your digitized videos. You can setup integration between Ensemble and Automatic Sync. You must already have established an Automatic Sync account to link it with Ensemble Video. For more information about an Ensemble account please contact Andrew Wowelko by emailing aswowelk@syr.edu. For more information about Automatic Sync please contact Andrew Wowelko by emailing aswowelk@syr.edu.

Making Emails Accessible — Consider how your communications may be confusing or completely excluding those with disabilities. The following link to Answers provides a cursory view of how to make email communications more accessible: https://answers.syr.edu/x/24B4AQ

Accessible Web Resources — Learning Environments provides consultation on making your university website accessible. Using accessibility testing web tools we can provide insight on how to meet the acceptable standards for website accessibility. The following links provide insight into what Syracuse University’s expectations are. For more information about accessible web consultations please contact Sharon Trerise by emailing smtreris@syr.edu. For the ‘W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines’ follow this link: http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20/. For the ‘Section 508 Standards Guide’ follow this link: http://www.section508.gov/index.cfm?fuseAction=stdsdoc.