ITS Learning Environments and Media Production offer a variety of solutions related to video conferencing. We believe in a multifaceted approach beginning with a needs assessment to deliver the optimal services to Students, Faculty, and Staff. Student use must be faculty sponsored.

Our support includes Skype, Adobe Connect Pro, Face Time, and other software solutions for Desktop and Mobile conferencing.  Hardware based solutions such as Polycom IP and ISDN video conferencing are supported with other interoperable systems. We also support streaming technologies that can deliver program content to others.

When doing a one to one face to face video or audio conference we would recommend the popular Skype conferencing web application. It is a well-known and a pervasive technology easy to use and learn. Learning Environments faculty loan distributes desktop cameras and microphones free for class use.

When adding more than one participant or presenter and offering the ability to collaborate and share presentation materials Adobe Connect Pro would be the suggested application. Again our faculty loan services have what it takes to use Adobe Connect Pro from the desktop to the classroom. This web application requires a modest investment of time to learn. But the expanded capabilities are worth it . A Learning Environments consultant can assist with use of this product.

When better quality and a conference room are needed a Polycom videoconferencing hardware based solution can be used to contact one to one or one to several. A Learning Environments consultant will assist setting up the conference with their technical counterparts on the other side. Once the conference has begun you can run it on your own or use and technician to assist. For this service advance notice is a must. Minimally 72 hours is preferred, this allows for testing and processing with others involved in the conference.

There is a fee for the conference room use of $30/hour and technician fees will be charged at $30 per hour. This does not include setup and processing for actual tests and far end contact information. These services initiating the process are also charged at $30 per hour.

The good news is that using portable equipment and training are free for all classes. It is only when an operator is present will charges be levied.

It is worth a call to investigate the realm of possibilities available for video conferencing at Syracuse University.  Streaming, Webinars, Webcasts, IP Video and Audio Conferencing, Bridging Services even high end Telepresence can be arranged through Learning Environments and Media Production.

Contact information:

  • Andrew Wowelko- 443-5661 (primary LE contact)
  • Steven Lobello- 443-5661 (primary LE contact)